What advantages do LA City Cars offer When You Want To Trade-In?? 

LA City Cars offers a simple solution for anyone who wants to sell their used car quickly and fairly without tying the sale to any conditions.

LA City Cars offers you a free evaluation system that is carried out both online and on site. With our honest and traditional calculator, you can quickly find a statistical reference value. This is based on your car data, which includes the make, model, mileage, and year of first registration.
Following the online assessment, one of our automotive experts will closely examine your vehicle during the appointment. In order to calculate an individual car value, the condition of the car must be determined. But the current market situation and existing special equipment are also taken into account.

After the car valuation, you will immediately receive an offer for the purchase. Our offer corresponds to the honest calculated value. If you accept the offer, it is possible to sell the car immediately, without waiting. Our team will take care of the formalities, such as the purchase agreement and vehicle deregistration, for you free of charge. You can sell any make, model, age, or condition. You can then focus on buying the new car without the pressure of having to get rid of the old one. Even better, LA City Cars offers financing.

Let’s review what people who want to trade in their car are usually facing.

In the car trade, a trade-in is when a car dealer accepts a customer’s old vehicle and sells them another car at the same time.

The purchase price and the price of the new car are then offset against each other or deducted from the new price in the form of a fixed bonus.

At first glance, trading in cars seems to make lots of sense. The dealer handles the formalities, and sales and purchases happen in one step. After trade-in, the dealer usually determines which car might be purchased and under what conditions.

If so, is the price for my old used car justified?

Is the deduction from the purchase price of the new car high enough? Always remember that a dealer will only accommodate you in terms of price until his own profit is high enough.

Nevertheless, it can make sense for you financially if you trade in your car. For example, if your used car is very old or the price of a new car is very low, or if you just want to close a quick deal without complications,

How is the trade-in price determined?

Dealers expect a mixed calculation when making trade-in offers. The purchase and sales prices are offset against each other. While one makes less profit or even a loss, the other might bring in a higher profit. The loss is compensated in this way. There is still an acceptable margin for the retailer.

Car dealer as buyer

The most common form of car trade-in involves the car dealer buying the old car directly in exchange for a new car. The used car is processed and resold. In this case, the contractual partners are you and the dealer. There is a uniform purchase contract for purchases.

When trading in with the dealer as a buyer, a distinction must be made. A price will be determined based on the condition of your old car. This is then deducted from the price of the newer car. You may have the opportunity to negotiate both prices. However, always remember that the dealer uses mixed calculations in order not to risk his profit.

You will receive a bonus from the dealer or manufacturer for exchanging your car. This often promotes the sale of a new model. In some cases, a so-called switching bonus also encourages a change of brand by paying out a bonus specifically for models from other brands if a specific model from another brand is purchased at the same time.

Our tip: Before you contact the car dealership of your choice, find out about discount campaigns from manufacturers or car dealerships in your area.

What you should pay attention to

As a rule, not every dealer accepts every vehicle as a trade-in. Some limit acceptance to their own brand. Others refuse to allow cars of a certain age or those that are in poor condition. The reasons: If the dealer continues to sell your vehicle, he will have problems with unpopular models and sometimes even an unusual color.

Cars previously damaged in accidents, very old vehicles, and those with defects in the body or technology also have a difficult time in trade-in. Hardly any dealer takes this as payment. The reason: If the car is resold, the car dealership must provide a used car guarantee. Preference is therefore given to vehicles that are unlikely to be covered under warranty in the near future. The dealer therefore prefers to refuse to purchase because he would first have to invest in repairs in order to be able to give a guarantee.

More money for new vehicles?

As the owner of a newer and more popular car model, you should carefully examine the trade-in bonus offered. As a rule, this form of sale is not worthwhile for you, and you are better off on the open market. Here are the necessary steps for private sales: determining the car value and placing advertisements. This also includes telephone calls, negotiations, and viewings with interested parties who may want to reduce the price. This also results in possible dangers in connection with a private sale. For example, numerous fraudsters have discovered the used car market as a good source of income.

Car trade-in for old vehicles

If you drive a car that is more than ten years old, has high mileage, and has one or two damages, then a trade-in may be better. Of course, only if your dealer even offers a trade-in for your vehicle. You will have problems with a car like this on the open market. Added to this are the time required and the price negotiation. Not everyone has the negotiating skills required to sell an unpopular car.

Car valuation as a basis for every car sale

Once you have received an offer for a car trade-in, the question is whether it is worth it for you. We recommend that you have a car valuation carried out in advance. If you know the value of your car, you can better estimate the price. There are a few options for vehicle valuation. Either you use a purely online review or you can find these from many providers. Or you can have your car valued on sites such as Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book. This has the advantage of giving you a more accurate car value.