Should I sell my car to a dealer?

To be prepared and get the best deal, you need to do your research

Selling your car can be stressful and complicated if you don’t know where and how to start. The main problem many people face is that they themselves doubt where and to whom to sell it.

Here we will give you some tips on how to properly prepare and get the best deal when selling your car. Additionally, you will find out which option is right for you.

  • Large dealer chain: There is less room for negotiation here, but many dealers will buy any vehicle regardless of condition, mileage, and whether you are buying a new car or not. Avoid large dealer chains such as CarFax, CarVana, or TrueCar.
  • Specialized purchasing service such as LA City Cars:“LA City Cars”offers a higher quality experience by focusing on providing the customer with a better experience and supporting traditional, honest industry services.
Based on your car’s make, model, registration year, and condition, you should choose a dealer who has the most interest in your car.  LA City Cars will probably give you a better price for your car. LA City Cars is the best choice because it is in their interest to purchase any vehicle regardless of mileage, age, or condition.

At any other car dealer, you may not get the best deal because their primary business model is not based on buying used cars but on selling new ones.

If you sell to a dealer, you may feel insecure because a dealer has more experience getting good deals on cars. This feeling should not affect your negotiation skills or make you reluctant. Be prepared and find out what to expect.

  • Do your research. Find out the actual value of your car beforehand, and show from the start that you know your vehicle value exactly. To do this, use an online tool like or Kelly Blue Book.
  • Be realistic: LA City Cars knows that customer satisfaction is what drives the most revenue in the long run. Any other dealer will make you an offer that appears to be economical for them. There is always room for negotiation, but ultimately they cannot offer what a consumer would want.
  • Smart trade-in: If you want to trade in your car, treat both transactions separately: trade in your car first, and only then look for a new car once the contract is signed.
  • Be open and consider: If you are still not satisfied with the offer you received from the other dealers, consider LA City Cars. You can always get a better deal at LA City Cars, and you don’t have to deal with annoying formalities.

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