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As a car ages, defects that result in costly repairs become more likely. If these costs exceed the value of the car due to the extent of the damage, selling, trading, or even giving the car away to charity is usually the best resort.

1. Car repair: Is it worth the effort?

Just 20 years ago, you drove to the car mechanic every 10,000 miles to check. Nowadays, it takes around 30,000 miles before you are called for service. By checking less often, you, as a driver, not only save time and stress, but, above all, money. The quality of car parts has improved significantly compared to back then. But, nevertheless, defects and deficiencies cannot be ruled out.

Unfortunately, drivers usually react to these problems far too late—so late that many cars are on the roads with serious defects, endangering the passengers.

How much is my car worth?

The most common damage to a car is usually found on the bumper in the form of scratches and dents. While minor defects such as scratches can be repaired quickly, there are unfortunately also serious damages that you can usually neither see nor repair yourself. A visit to the repair shop is then advised.

If the defect affects an important component such as the ignition, engine, transmission, or even the brake discs, the service can quickly becomes expensive.

Brake pads that are changed too late can result in damaged discs, which leads to higher repair costs. Depending on the degree of damage and the age of the vehicle, the question is whether a repair still makes sense.

Depending on which part is defective, the repair costs will vary. For example, replacing the engine might cost over $10,000, while changing the 4 tires only costs around $800.

Particularly with cars that are more than 20 years old, certain vehicle parts are no longer manufactured.  Make sure to get multiple quotes from repair shops.

Car repair after an accident

An accident can occur unexpectedly at any time. The crucial question here is who is responsible for this and how bad is the damage.

If the car is so badly damaged due to a serious collision that large parts of the car are completely destroyed, this is usually a total loss. The only solution left is to sell the car for other parts because the residual value is zero. If your car can be repaired but the estimated repair costs exceed the residual value, it is a total economic loss. Repairs are usually considered for vintage or particularly valuable cars. Of course, there is also damage that only affects the body: so-called minor damage. However, this is quickly underestimated. Modern vehicles often do not show any externally visible damage, as the damage can usually be in hidden areas such as the cross members and side members.

Such minor damage often turns out to be hidden accident damage that can only be classified upon closer inspection by a repair shop. If the damage is extensive, it can rarely be easily fixed.

Therefore, only the repair shop can tell you whether the affected area can be repaired or whether, for example, a new hood is needed. Depending on the car model, the repair costs can amount to several thousand dollars.  LA City Cars has helped many customers in this respect.

Always have your car checked by a professional at LA City Cars after an accident! A vehicle appraiser at our branch has the necessary specialized knowledge to correctly assess and classify the damage.

What insurance companies say about repairs

Basically, in the event of an accident, the opposing liability insurance company will compensate 100 percent of the damage as soon as the policyholder is solely at fault. A reduction occurs if you, as the injured party, are partly to blame.

The prerequisite here is that the repair seems reasonable to the insurance company. As soon as the repair costs exceed this value, it only pays the amount that corresponds to an equivalent value of the vehicle.

As part of a fully comprehensive insurance policy, many insurers offer to pay you the new price of your car, provided it is no more than two years old.

In addition, the premium rate for vehicle insurance increases if fully comprehensive insurance is used. You should always consult an independent vehicle expert at LA City Cars to handle an accident.

The expert can not only determine the exact amount of damage caused but also determine whether it is a total loss and whether it is worth repairing your car or putting it up for sale.

In the event of a total loss, it is important that you commission the damage assessment yourself and not leave it to the opposing insurance company. This way, you know the exact amount of compensation and can avoid inconsistencies.

2. Does the cost estimate make sense for a car repair?

A cost estimate is a binding commitment to a job that will be carried out at a set price. This always refers to the company that created it and also carries out the car repair. This can be normal wear and tear or maintenance work, or it can also be an assessment of the costs after an accident. Basically, as a vehicle owner, you use the cost estimate to assess to what extent the repairs will be worthwhile for you. The fees for a cost estimate depend on the respective repair shop. If no repair order follows, many companies charge a fee.

3. Sell or repair a broken car?

If your car’s damage has been professionally assessed, the question still remains as to whether you’re willing to pay the repair costs. In the event of a total economic loss, you still have the option of paying the money necessary to have your car repaired.

However, if there is a total technical loss, the chances are slim. In this case, the costs for repairs would be extremely high.

Ultimately, the value of the vehicle plays a decisive role, as this is always set in relation to the money that would have to be spent on repairs.

If you decide against repairs, the only option is to sell the car. But making major repairs before selling is less worthwhile. The costs of a repair may be higher than the sales proceeds. If you have decided on professional repairs to preserve value, you should always keep all invoices and hand them in when selling.

But the question of all questions is: Who will buy my broken, old car from me?
LA City Cars can definitely help.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers have already used our fast and uncomplicated service. To find out how you can sell your car with the support of LA City Cars, simply arrange your personal appointment at our either La Puente or La Brea branches.

Our car expert will examine your car carefully on site. It records the condition of the car and whether any extras or special equipment are available. After our professional car valuation, we will give you the exact vehicle value.

We will then discuss all other options with you. If our quick sale is an option for you, sell your used car directly on site; selling used cars can be that easy. Even better, you can trade your car for another car.