Used cars – sell or keep

Are you also thinking about getting a new car? Or are you wondering whether an upcoming repair is still worth it?

We will help you and give you tips on how to achieve optimal sales results for your used car.  What LA City Cars can do for you is to trade your used car for a completely inspected car that is validated and road worthy. 

Before selling, you should find out what your car is worth. Internet portals such as Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book offer valuable insights.

Immediately after registration and in the first two years, a vehicle loses enormous value. After that, the loss in value is somewhat more moderate but still very high. Anyone who sells their new car after just five years is usually doing a bad deal. The loss in value is then up to 65 percent. In the following five years, it will only be 25 percent overall. It is therefore advisable to keep a new car for a few years more than 5 years.

Modern vehicles are becoming more and more reliable. In the 1970s, the average age was around five and a half years, but it is now more than nine years. In past decades, many engines often stopped after just 200,000 miles; today, 250,000 miles are the rule rather than the exception.
Repairs are often worthwhile, even for older vehicles. Regular inspections are important for the safety of the car but also provide valuable information for upcoming repairs. As the service life increases, repair costs usually increase. Many car owners then think about buying a newer vehicle. In most cases, even for older vehicles, it is worth investing a few hundred dollars in repairs and spare parts. You should only think about it if the costs are higher, because repairs generally do not increase the sales value of the car. The rule of thumb is: If the repairs cost more than half of the residual value, it is better not to invest in the car but to sell it. If you don’t shy away from more expensive repairs, you should really keep your car until the bitter end.
Buyers especially appreciate a new dealer-inspected car for an older used vehicle because then they have confidence that the vehicle is currently free of any noticeable defects and therefore roadworthy. Even if the vehicle has little residual value, it makes sense to invest in a general inspection again.
Cosmetic repairs, on the other hand, have little impact on the value. However, what is always worth it is to thoroughly clean the car inside and out. Take your used car to the car wash again so that it leaves a good first impression.