2020 Tesla Model 3 Price Drop

In 2020, Tesla introduced several new features and updates to enhance the driving and ownership experience for its vehicles. Here are some of the notable additions for the 2020 model year:

  1. Access to Streaming Video Services: Owners can now access streaming video services on their Tesla’s infotainment system while the vehicle is parked. This feature adds more entertainment options for occupants during downtime.
  2. In-Vehicle Karaoke Function: Tesla introduced an in-vehicle karaoke function, allowing passengers to sing along to their favorite songs using the car’s audio system. This feature adds an element of fun and entertainment to the driving experience.
  3. Streaming Music and Podcast Support: Tesla expanded its infotainment system’s capabilities by adding support for streaming music and podcasts. This allows users to enjoy a wide range of audio content directly through the car’s interface.
  4. New Games for the Tesla Arcade: Tesla continued to enhance its Tesla Arcade feature by adding new games, providing more entertainment options for passengers while the vehicle is stationary.
  5. Dash-Cam Security Updates: Updates to the dash-cam and security system were made to improve the vehicle’s surveillance and recording capabilities. This enhances security and monitoring while the vehicle is parked.
  6. Smart Summon Feature: Tesla introduced the Smart Summon feature to older models equipped with Full Self-Driving Capability or Advanced Autopilot. Smart Summon allows the vehicle to autonomously navigate parking lots and come to the driver’s location, making it a convenient addition for Tesla owners.

These updates reflect Tesla’s commitment to improving and expanding the features and capabilities of its vehicles, enhancing both the driving experience and the use of the car while stationary.

2020 Tesla Model 3

1-Speed Automatic
Pearl White Multi-Coat