2019 Tesla Model X Long Range Price Drop

The 2019 Tesla Model X is a spacious electric SUV designed to cater to the needs of drivers who require accommodation for up to seven passengers and aim to travel significant distances solely on electricity. It stands out with its elevated ride height, standard all-wheel drive, and distinctive Falcon Wing doors, setting it apart from other vehicles in its category. What sets the Model X apart is its remarkable range, distinctive body style, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding performance. It offers one of the most extensive ranges among electric vehicles and stands as the sole seven-passenger EV available in 2019.

Within Tesla’s electric vehicle lineup, the Model X takes the top spot in terms of size, positioned above the compact Model 3 sedan and the midsize Model S sedan. This positioning makes the Model X an ideal choice for individuals in need of SUV space and seating capacity, all while enjoying the advantages of electric propulsion and advanced technology.


2019 Tesla Model X Long Range

1-Speed Automatic
Pearl White Multi-Coat