What or Which Audi has the lowest Depreciation?

Among Audi models, certain vehicles tend to experience relatively lower depreciation rates compared to others due to various factors:

Audi Models with Lower Depreciation:

  1. Audi Q5: This compact luxury SUV often holds its value well due to its strong demand, versatile features, and popularity among buyers seeking a balance of performance and comfort.
  2. Audi A3 and A4: The A3 and A4 sedans are known for their upscale interiors, refined driving dynamics, and popularity, contributing to more stable depreciation rates compared to some other models.
  3. Audi Q3: As a subcompact luxury SUV, the Q3’s combination of features, size, and practicality might contribute to relatively lower depreciation rates compared to larger models.

Factors Influencing Depreciation:

  1. Popularity and Demand: Models that are popular and in high demand tend to experience slower depreciation due to sustained interest in the used car market.
  2. Reliability and Brand Perception: Audi’s reputation for quality and luxury can impact depreciation rates, with some models maintaining value better than others.
  3. Initial Purchase Price: Higher initial purchase prices often result in faster depreciation over time.
  4. Model Year and Condition: Newer models typically experience quicker initial depreciation, while older models might have already undergone significant depreciation.
  5. Market Conditions: Local market trends, changes in consumer preferences, and economic factors can influence depreciation rates.


  • While certain Audi models tend to retain value better than others, individual factors such as specific trim levels, mileage, maintenance history, and regional market dynamics can impact depreciation rates significantly.
  • Researching specific Audi models, reviewing historical data, and considering local market trends can provide more accurate insights into which Audi vehicles have lower depreciation rates in your region. Consulting with automotive experts or using reliable car valuation tools can also help assess depreciation trends for Audi models accurately.