Lexus NX 300 F Sport Review – Price Drop – For Sale

The Lexus NX 300 F Sport, a bold expression of performance and luxury, brings a dynamic edge to the compact SUV segment. In this technical review, we delve into the engineering intricacies that define the NX 300 F Sport, exploring its potent powertrain, sport-tuned suspension, distinctive design elements, and the incorporation of advanced technology that positions it as a standout in the crossover market.

Powertrain Performance

1. Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine

At the heart of the NX 300 F Sport lies a spirited turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This powerplant is engineered to deliver a responsive and engaging driving experience. The turbocharging technology enhances performance, providing ample power for both city driving and highway cruising.

2. Dual Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-iW)

The engine incorporates Dual Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-iW), a technology that optimizes valve timing for both efficiency and performance. This system contributes to a broad torque curve, ensuring a dynamic and smooth acceleration profile across various driving scenarios.

3. Sport-Tuned Exhaust

The NX 300 F Sport often features a sport-tuned exhaust system. This not only enhances the vehicle’s performance by optimizing exhaust flow but also provides an exhilarating engine note, adding to the overall driving experience and emphasizing the sporty nature of the F Sport variant.

Dynamic Handling

1. F Sport Tuned Suspension

Setting the NX 300 F Sport apart is its F Sport tuned suspension. This performance-oriented suspension system includes sport-tuned shock absorbers and springs, enhancing the crossover’s handling characteristics. The result is a more responsive and agile driving experience, especially during spirited driving.

2. Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)

For added versatility, the NX 300 F Sport may incorporate Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). This system continuously adjusts damping force based on driving conditions, providing a balance between ride comfort and sporty handling. AVS allows the driver to tailor the suspension to their preferences.

Distinctive Design Elements

1. F Sport Styling

The NX 300 F Sport embraces a distinct visual identity with its F Sport styling. This includes unique exterior elements such as a signature mesh grille, exclusive wheels, and F Sport badging. The interior is also adorned with sport-inspired details, including F Sport seats and aluminum pedals, creating a cohesive and dynamic aesthetic.

2. Striking Exterior Features

Beyond the F Sport enhancements, the NX 300 features Lexus’s signature design language. Striking LED headlights, a prominent spindle grille, and sharp character lines contribute to the crossover’s modern and aggressive appearance. The design elements not only enhance aesthetics but also optimize aerodynamics.

Advanced Technology

1. Lexus Enform Infotainment

The NX 300 F Sport is equipped with Lexus Enform infotainment, featuring a user-friendly interface. The central display includes smartphone integration, navigation, and audio controls. The intuitive system ensures that drivers stay connected and entertained while on the road.

2. Lexus Safety System+

Lexus prioritizes safety in the NX 300 F Sport, often incorporating the Lexus Safety System+. This suite of advanced safety features includes pre-collision systems, lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control, and more. These technologies contribute to a safer driving experience, enhancing both driver and passenger confidence.


In conclusion, the Lexus NX 300 F Sport brings a spirited and dynamic dimension to the compact luxury crossover market. With its potent powertrain, sport-tuned suspension, distinctive design elements, and advanced technology, the NX 300 F Sport stands as a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking a performance-oriented yet refined driving experience in the realm of compact SUVs.



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