Does it make sense to get a loan for a used car?

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Anyone who relies on their own car for work or private purposes will quickly find themselves in an emergency situation if his/her vehicle breaks down.

A replacement must be found quickly. If you cannot afford a new car, you have no choice but to get a used car. If you are careful, a used car can save you more money in the long run. We will show you how.

A used car might cost less money to maintain compared to your old car, depending on the brand, model, mileage, and accessories. If you can’t pay the price in one scoop, you quickly ask yourself whether you can take out a loan to buy the used car.

When considering a loan for a used car, you should also keep an eye on other factors that can save you money and helps with monthly payments.

If you have to take out a loan for the used car, keep in mind that owning a used car may also incur fewer maintenance costs than your previous car.

Below, we have listed some of the savings that can arise when owning a used car:

  • Gasoline or electricity: Depending on how long you travel with the new used vehicle, this can put less strain on your wallet if it consumes less gas than your old car.
  • Vehicle tax: A motor vehicle is subject to tax. The new used car might have a lower tax rate than your old car. So you have to take this item into account too.
  • Insurance: Liability insurance is mandatory for every vehicle. Comprehensive insurance is generally not suitable for a used car due to its lower value, but partial comprehensive insurance is an option in many cases. Your new used car might be less expensive to insure.

Financing may be particularly worthwhile, especially in times when interest rates are not particularly high. However, it is always important that you are able to pay the agreed-upon monthly installments.