Complete LA City Cars Inspection Procedure

As you will read this article you will understand why buying a used car can be a headache if you buy a car blindly.

When you buy one of our cars, rest assured because LA City Cars thoroughly inspects every vehicle for common automotive problems. In this post, we’ll talk about significant car issues that need extra attention. LA City Cars guarantee your next car for all the problems discussed below:

However let’s review some of these problems that you might have encountered in your previous car.

1. Battery Issues

One of the common reasons for breakdowns is battery trouble. If your car has these symptoms, it may be due to a worn-out or flat battery:

  • Struggles to start the engine.
  • Takes longer than usual to start.
  • Doesn’t start when you turn the key.
  • Shows a red battery warning light while driving.

Regular driving helps keep your battery charged, but short trips may not provide enough power. Charging the battery overnight periodically with a trickle charger can extend its life. Keep in mind that batteries usually last around five years.

2. Alternator Problems

The alternator generates power for your car’s electrical systems. If it fails, your battery will eventually go flat. Look out for signs such as dimmed headlights, slow wipers, flickering dashboard lights, or the ignition warning light coming on. If you notice these issues, seek assistance.

3. Tire and Wheel Damage

Flat tires from punctures are a common cause of breakdowns. Check your tires regularly, ensuring they have at least 1.6mm of tire depth and are inflated to the correct pressure. Look for uneven wear patterns, as this could indicate misaligned wheels. If you have a spare tire, ensure it’s in good condition and have the necessary tools ready for emergencies.

4. Electrical System Problems

Your car’s electrical system controls various functions. Issues may arise from burned-out bulbs, faulty wiring, blown fuses, or wear and tear. If the problem isn’t obvious, consider consulting a trained mechanic for a full electrical system analysis and advice.

5. Keys and Alarms

Locking keys in the car can still happen. Modern car keys often include a microchip for security, so it’s wise to keep a spare key in a safe place in case you lose it.

6. Using wrong fuel

If you accidentally use the wrong fuel in your car, act quickly. If you haven’t started the engine, you may need the fuel pumped out and replaced. If you’ve driven after misfuelling, it can be more complicated and may require mechanical repairs.

7. Clutch Cable (Manual Vehicles)

For manual cars, the clutch cable undergoes stress when changing gears. If you notice changes in clutch feel, have it checked. If the cable breaks while driving, pull over safely and call for assistance.

8. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel engines have a filter that can get blocked, especially with short trips. To clear the filter, take your diesel car for a longer drive on the motorway periodically.

9. Starter Motor

Starter motors work harder due to stop/start technology and can eventually fail. Regular servicing and maintenance are key to preventing starter motor problems.

10. Overheating

Monitor your coolant level and fan to ensure your cooling system functions properly. If the temperature warning light comes on, investigate the issue. Modern coolant systems typically don’t require topping up between services, so a drop in coolant level may indicate a leak.

Top Tips for Avoiding Breakdowns

  • Schedule regular services and maintain a valid MOT.
  • Drive cautiously to minimize strain on your car.
  • Avoid overloading your car.
  • Address warning lights promptly.
  • Be alert to unusual noises or driving behavior.
  • Consider breakdown cover for added peace of mind.

These revised explanations should make it easier to understand the common causes of car breakdowns and how to prevent them.