BMW X1 For Sale

The 2022 BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury SUV that offers several appealing features for those seeking a small premium SUV. Here are some key points to consider:

Size and Spaciousness: The X1 is relatively small, making it easy to maneuver and park in urban settings. However, it still manages to offer a relatively spacious backseat and ample cargo space for its class. This is an advantage for drivers who need practicality alongside luxury.

Energetic Engine: The X1 is equipped with an energetic engine, providing lively performance and good acceleration. This can be particularly enjoyable for drivers who want a responsive and spirited driving experience.

Lively Handling: BMW is known for its engaging driving dynamics, and the X1 continues this tradition. It offers lively handling and precise steering, making it fun to drive on winding roads.

Value in Base Trim: The base sDrive28i trim comes well-equipped with a range of features, including safety and driver assistance technologies. This can provide good value for buyers who want a balance of luxury and practicality without many optional upgrades.

Choice of All-Wheel Drive: While the sDrive28i is the more fuel-efficient option, the xDrive28i trim offers all-wheel drive, which can enhance traction and handling in various road conditions. It’s worth considering if you live in an area with challenging weather.

Lacks Ride Comfort: It’s important to note that while the X1 excels in several areas, it may not offer the most forgiving ride. Some rival models are known for delivering a smoother and more comfortable ride, so consider your comfort preferences when making a decision.

No Notable Changes: The 2022 X1 does not feature any significant changes compared to previous model years. This means that if you’re interested in a used X1 from the same generation (2016-2021), you can find a similar vehicle at a potentially lower price.

When choosing the best trim for you, consider your priorities. If you value fuel economy, the sDrive28i is the more efficient option. If you prefer all-wheel drive or want additional features, the xDrive28i may be a better fit. Regardless of your choice, the BMW X1 offers a blend of luxury and practicality in a compact SUV package.

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